Sunday, June 10, 2012

Of Water...

It fills the tear that stings the eye
In raw, unkempt emotion
It weeps in mercy from the sky
And forms the turquoise ocean

It cheers dull nooks in laughing brooks
It crushes as it rushes
Its nectar drips on parted lips
On twilight ponds it blushes

It drenches parched, drought-stricken lands
It floods, it flows and gurgles
It mirrors heaven’s vast expanse
And cools the sluggish turtles

It trickles, seeps, it drowns, it pools
Baptizes re-born sinners
It lures young lads from woes like school
To fish and dream till dinner

It gleams like silver, polished glass
On winter’s frozen shallows
It sparkles on dew-dazzled grass
And tames the dusty fallows

From cups it spills, in rip-tides kills
Too much or none; disaster
In midnight rain its soft refrain
Evokes passion's grandmaster

How cold the grave beneath its wave
But as the sun gets hotter
We tip the jug to fill our mug
And thank the Lord for water, water, water...

© Janet Martin

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Water, water everywhere

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