Monday, June 11, 2012

Flesh and Blood Compassion

When flesh and blood lies bleeding
Farewell thoughts against the sky
Away, away from loved ones
They weep out their last good-bye

When freedom’s price is blood-bought
With a brother, daughter, son
Our grief is universal
And our teardrops flow as one

When freedom’s charge is gathered
Again…again… again
We see, not nation or color
But simply women, men

With flesh and blood compassion
We plead out to God above
To comfort those who sorrow
For the ones they dearly love

When freedom’s price is blood-bought
Charted ramparts disappear
For in death we all are kindred
And our sorrow is a tear

© Janet Martin

Written in memory of four French soldiers killed yesterday in Afghanistan

My tears and prayers are for civilian victims as well.

Hello Megan. First, sorry for my english, I'm French. I often come to your blog because I like so much your tags and stationery (thank you so much for sharing them with us), and tonight I happened to see that post for Memorial Day. Yesterday, 4 french soldiers died in Afghanistan (I hope your poem is also for other countries fighting for freedom and not only the US). My brother, who is in the military, will be there in a few weeks, so thank you for that post. Thank you for sharing this also.

Thank you for sharing with us all ~ and impacting lives around the world...


Thank you for your visit to this porch. I'd love to hear if or how this post/poem touched you!