Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Few Sunday Morning Thoughts

Who can tally
The measure of a moment
The fool sees nothing
The wise man,

It is hard to love
On paper

I laid my thought against the air
Soon it was swallowed by the hour
I laid my thought into a prayer
It rests now in God’s perfect power

It is hard to wait
Without faith

No path is so bitter
As the one of resentment
No lap is sweeter
Than that of contentment 

It is hard to
swallow longing

He who envies
Forgets to live
He who is happy
Learns to forgive

It is hard
To hold fast to the right
But it is possible
With His Word as our Light

Are you weary and weighed down with care?
Jesus says, ‘Come,’ do you hear Him?
He may not remove the burdens we bear
But He gives us strength to endure them

 Patience is a hard-fought virtue
it's battle can only be won
as we learn to become second
and make others number one

Beware of Things
They help us forget
The Living Truth
And a crossed stained red

Why do we seek to compromise?
A fleeting gasp
Is earth's pleasure and strife
Eternity swallows ten-thousand skies


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