Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Crux of Choice

In life, the road we choose to take
Will make us who we are
The crux of choice, an awesome blank
‘Til we look back from far

The obstacles along the way
And how we choose to bear them
Will leave a lasting legacy
To future generations

In life, the road we choose to take
Affects not one lone traveler
The footprints that our choices make
Some other soul will follow

The crux of choice; how can we know
Which way will be the best?
We cannot; but trust God as we go
And let Him do the rest

© Janet Martin


  1. You are wise beyond your years Janet....this is so full of truth and beautifully written!

  2. you have a way with rhyme, Janet! it's always natural and fits the tone of your pieces... :) x

  3. So very true! For parents, especially, the path that they take will many times be followed by their children. We must set good examples for children (and grands).

  4. That's what I call wisdom literature.

  5. Your thoughts are very true, and yet very sobering. At times we forget the influence we have with those around us, and they with others.

    I believe one day in heaven God will show you how you have touched the lives of others, perhaps these same individuals will stand before you and say, "Thank you Janet, you have touched my soul and changed my life!"

  6. Oh, yes and so often do I need the reminder that I'm not in this alone and that He will help to bring this work started to completion. Thank you, Janet for being such a light for Him. So inspiring! <3


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