Friday, March 9, 2012

The Tides of 'Almost Spring'

The tides of spring
They weep and sing
In oceans from the sky
To glassy ponds
And stricken fronds
She lays her garments by
And on the girth
Of somber earth
She hints with softened lips   
Of under-tones
In violet moans
And emerald finger-tips
The darkened slope
Stripped of its robe
Is begging for her kiss
The umber tide
Of dull hill-side
Unclenches its cold fist
The woodland stark
Against the dark
Is budding with desire
And in the tomb
Of autumn’s bloom
Smolders a hidden fire
The tides of spring
They weep and sing
In love-songs warm and tender
Winter defies
But in his eyes
Are whispers of surrender

© Janet Martin

A warm rain has dissolved the snow!
Tonight a cold wind rebels...

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