Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Measure of Success

Our lives are not measured by milestones
Or how much money we make
But they are measured by moments
In every breath that we take

Day’s fulfillment holds no guarantee
Life is a fragile thread
Only our God can clearly see
The road that lies ahead

The proof of success is not tallied
By one major accomplishment
But it is proven, step by step
In moments wisely spent

Yesterday is memory’s echo
Tomorrow is a vast mystery
But here in this beautiful moment,
Breathes a dream’s opportunity

Our lives are not measured by triumphs
Or failure’s bitterest taste
Our lives are measured in moments
Far too precious to waste

This is the day the Lord has made
Oh what a wonderful chance
To live and laugh and love and learn
To weep and dream and dance


I’ve noticed something over the years on my blog…
In ‘searches’ the amount of times
the words ‘alone’ and ‘loneliness’ are searched
are quadrupled over all the other searches combined.
A stark statement of hunger in this world…

This is the day the Lord has made,
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalms 118:24

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