Monday, December 19, 2011

On Finding Contentment

Contentment is not found within
The resurrection of the past
If I could be a girl again
A year would soon be memory-cast

The citizen of earth is born
With naught but dreams on which to fly
Time states its wealth by what we learn
He wins the game who dares to try

Trouble and luck have lucent wings
Both happen to the faint or brave
To hope in resurrected things
Is but to lag in history’s grave

Contentment is not something sought
Nor found in memory’s purple mist
Contentment lives within our thought
In moments only that exist


…but if they could resurrect that old willow-tree, I would be content to climb it:)


  1. Nice to see you wordling, Janet! First rate writing here using the difficult collection.

  2. In spite of the craziness this week, I was not content to ignore this challenge.

    Thank-you Mary.

    I was hoping to catch up on reading some others tonight, but my daughter needed the computer until now, almost midnight, and my brain is past comprehension tonight.
    Maybe in the morning I'll get a peek at some of the other wordles.

  3. Very nice poem, Janet! "Trouble and luck have lucent wings" is wonderful imagery! Contentment is a state of happiness I am enjoying right now! Cards sent, presents wrapped ... ahhhh!

  4. Wonderful poem, Janet. In my experience, contentment is found in gratitude - in being thankful for the blessings you've received and what you have now, not what you once had or someday hope to receive.


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