Tuesday, December 6, 2011

His Whispers

In white tissue paper and ribbons of blue
And whispers of mercy unfurled
In offerings of patience and grace ever new
He grants a fresh dawn to this world

In smiles of wee children and thoughts of a friend
In hands of compassionate care
God grants to this earth little whispers of Him
As we lift to Him humble prayer...


This morning the earth looks like a gift
wrapped in blue and white...


  1. Beautiful........your words and the photo!

    Thank you, Janet!

  2. PS... I love the comment in your sidebar about telling the storm how big your God is... yes yes!

  3. Brenda, I believe sometimes God leads us to these reminders when we need them most! I am going to leave it in my side-bar for awhile as a personal reminder to myself...and anyone else He may lead to see it. What a mighty God we serve! (one day at a time...)Sometimes it seems I forget that He provides for our needs not in future, but in present:)

  4. In white tissue paper and ribbons of blue...

    I wish I had written that! Very nice.

  5. Thank-you so much for your visit and kind thoughts, Margaret.


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