Friday, December 9, 2011

The City

She watches his face
in fascination
as her perception
of a world filled with
a thousand worlds
begins to shift...
He was as in love with the
the hustling and bustling
beneath a sky of city lights
as she was with the quiet
country midnight
beneath heavens stars

They sit on his balcony,
his pipe-smoke drawing
comfortable circles
against the dusk.
In the distance
tall chimney flutes belch
their offerings in frozen plumes.
He was as in love with this planet
of concrete and asphalt
and architecture
as she was with the frost-tipped grass
beneath the walnut tree
in her garden.

A thousand similarities could not bridge
one difference...
and she knew, as their shoulders touched
that they were worlds apart.



  1. Superb. Maybe I'm not too perceptive, but I didn't see the ending on the horizon. Not at all. Very cleverly constructed.

  2. Very cool poem - I could see it all - those pipe smoke layers.

  3. You have written well the differences between these two who loves the 'city' and one who loves the wide open country spaces! (Visiting from Think Tank.)

  4. Wow what a continuous treasure of words and thoughts so wonderfully structured!! Art at it's finest!!

  5. Victor, I appreciate your kindness. I like this prompt. I wish I had the time/ability to do it proper justice

  6. I like the quiet beauty with which you express this.


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