Thursday, December 29, 2011

All They Will Ever Be

Listening to music and writing is what I love best!

Maybe that’s all she will ever be
As she strolls across his memory
A picture, a post-card
A letter, a poem
A ‘hello, how are you?’
‘Are you calling from home?’
Maybe that’s all
Yes, maybe that’s all
All she will ever be

Maybe that’s all he will ever be
Someone to keep in her memory
An old tattered poem
In a drawer by her bed
Slow-dance to a song
That plays in her head
Maybe that’s all
Yes, maybe that’s all
All he will ever be

Maybe that’s all they will ever be
As they stroll through each other’s memory
Held in a photo
A whisper, a prayer
Nothing but memories
A-drift on the air
Maybe that’s all
Yes, maybe that’s all
All they will ever be



  1. The combination of Dierks Bentley and the words of your poem made magic.

  2. i could hear the melody as i read your words ~ from the title i expected "all they will ever be" to mean 'less than hoped for' but your song touched me. if we can but be memories in another's heart, what more can we hope for?

    dani ♥

  3. this is very the use of repitition...and is that all we can hope to be? a memory taken out that drawer re-read every so often...

  4. Wow Janet, this one really hits me hard. So very melancholy. Good capture. By the way, I really like the picture at the top of your blog.

  5. Thank-you all for your visits and kind thoughts.
    Peggy, the picture is one I took on my way home the other night...thank-you.

    Brian, I think we all have people who become that precious, tattered memory.

    Dani, yes, all we can hope for are beautiful memories.

    Helen, thank-you.

  6. great musical wording,

    keep singing.

    Happy New Year.


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