Monday, November 14, 2011

To the Night...

Night, close your dark-fringed lashes o’er the day
And tug the dazzling froth of starlight near
Ignore the hours which now in ambush lay
To leap upon the closing of a year
Oh, hold me close in somnolent embrace
Don’t ask about the teardrops on my face

Night, some would choose to count your phantom sheep
I do not care for pastimes such as this
I crave your melancholy, still and deep
The ravaging fulfillment of your kiss
Around my shoulder and my soul recline
And do not ask about these tears of mine

Night, now I lay my head against your thigh
Together we inhale the solitude
One with the symmetry of earth and sky
As nature’s very heartbeat is subdued
I don’t ask why the silence seems to cry
And you don’t brush the teardrop from my eye

Janet Martin


  1. Another great one, Janet. Night has always been my friend. So nice that you would pay it homage. The teardrops are only night's sweet dew.

  2. Like a beautiful Ode. Night is the best companion that embraces us in its silence and listens our voice of solitude.

  3. Yes, I like the night and sometimes have been known to say 'I wish I didn't need to waste it sleeping'...

    Thank-you Mike and Beyond Horizon.


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