Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Upon a Perfect Day

Once upon a perfect day

No one will say good-bye

Or stand in a soup-kitchen line

With hollow, hungry eye

No one will fill their greedy lips

With bread torn from the poor

Then cuss because their padded hips

Were once size twenty-four

Upon this perfect day our hands

Will give instead of take

Duty will ease its stoic demands

For picnics by the lake

Laughter will travel on each breeze

On every mouth, a smile

As we stroll through the hour with ease

And walk a second mile

No one will kiss another’s love

Or steal a child’s first bloom

Each lonely child will have a hug

And somewhere to call home

We all will take the time to pray

No one will fight or yell

And all our pain will melt away

And all the sick be well

Once upon a perfect day

Sweet peace will deck this sod

As bombs and guns are put away

With faces turned to God

Then bitterness will be subdued

And hate vanish away

As hearts o’er-flow with gratitude

Upon this perfect day

Janet Martin~

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