Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inadequate Sufficiency

Because you are Lord
You hear beyond
Our humble two-syllable word
How, for the wonder of
Sunsets and seasons
And family and love
How, for earth’s beauty
And the gift of redemption
How, for your endless mercy
And the promise of heaven
All that we can offer you
Is thank-you
Thank-you, thank-you
But, because you are Lord
And you are Love
This inadequate,
Two-syllable word
Is enough

Janet Martin

I was going to stop writing for today, but as I was reflecting
on the things in my immediate scope of vision and in my limited understanding
of Life, as I began touching the things that my toil consists of, as I began to think about how the temporal is bearable because of the Permanent
I tried to express to God how blown away I am, by Him...and all I could think of to say was Thank-you, thank-you...
the same word I use when you hold the door for me
is the same word I use to thank Him for Calvary...
But because He is God it is enough!

This picture captured my heart perfectly...
even as I bow to pray I am the mystified and astounded onlooker!


  1. Isn't it funny how often the best thing to say is simply ~ "Thank you"... and we have SO much to be thankful for, at that!! Hope you've had a great day... today was Thanksgiving here ~ so, we went to my parents' home for 'the meal'... my husband is off work tomorrow too, so a long weekend for us :) We might even go cut down our Christmas tree tomorrow :)

  2. You guys have a great week-end. Victoria wants to us to put up our tree, traditionally I at least made sure all the kids were home when we did it. Megan, that hardly ever happens anymore, and she was in tears tonight because we could not find a time slot with everyone home...I reassured her that time is not running out yet:)

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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