Monday, November 28, 2011

Bedtime Stories

We travel the world

She and I

Her bed is a vessel

That can sail or fly

We swim with mermaids

And walk on the moon

We are the sailors

Of a magic pontoon

We march out of Egypt

‘neath Moses command

We race on the beaches

Of tropical sand

We eat at the King’s table

Or sleep in a box

With the three little bears

We meet Goldilocks

We are the cowboys

The ruffians, the queen

We pick grapes in Sicily

Rove Ireland’s greens

We shiver with pioneers

And suffer their woes

We live in a palace

And wear the queen’s clothes

We brave the storms

And the pirates at sea

We swing from the stars

And land in Chile

We cry with the orphans

Sing with the Von Trapps

We explore with Tom Sawyer

In an acorn, take naps

And we simply can’t wait

For our next thrilling trip

To the past or the future

On our white, linen ship

As we travel the world

From our cozy, warm nook

A mother, a girl

And a story-book



  1. Janet, this is beautiful. Your daughter is blessed to be with you. It flows with love. Brava!

  2. Oh how neat, because as a guy who likes to have his nose in a book, I sure can relate. I love to read when I can. I would probably read more, but I have a thing for balance in all things. I am so amazed and in wonderment at how prolific you are. I hope that comes across right. :-) The constant, rich & fruitful expressing of life in poetry, as only you can do. I’ll stop there, and pull on the reins. I’m willing to bet you are just as humble as you are a creative woman. Blessings from God, through Jesus, in union with the Holy Spirit. Au-revoir.

  3. Brenda, you are very kind. Yes, reading with my children is one of my dearest joys.

  4. Victor, I really appreciate your kind encouragement. I have a thing for balance also, and I don't believe in 'bargaining' with God, but I have prayed that He teaches me how to balance so He is gracious and lets me write them in quite short order, if I wait until they are ready to be spilled. I will admit though that it does take time. Right now I am at home 99% of the time so I am thankful for this out-let and my only reason for sharing is with a prayer that others will be blessed and inspired by their visit.

  5. Your very welcome. Poetry & pictures are a blessing and inspirational, which is why I follow. I like blogs on poetry, antiquing, and such. God bless :-)

  6. Thank-you again. You are very kind.

    May He bless your path in life...

  7. Lovely post Sis!!1
    I can so relate.
    I love watching my girls being transported away to that place in the story....

  8. Those bedtime stories are the begining of a lifelong love of reading. If only every parent took the time.

  9. Mike, for some of them it took a little while but eventually the all gained a love for reading.



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