Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As a Woman

Waiting for you…
Not as the starry-eyed
Daughter of youth
Swinging crazily
On the garden-gate
Nor with desperate insanity
Of the dispirited
Drowning in a bottle
The anguish as they wait
Thirsting for love,

Waiting for you
As a woman
Who has lived long enough
To know we must release
Those we most dearly love
Knowing that love
Leaps beyond horizons
Across oceans
Into the hearts of those
For whom we wait



  1. As my older daughter is considering moving away to live with her bio-daughter, this really spoke to me. - Thanks Moskowitz

  2. It is hard to let go of those we love, but because of love we can.
    I'm glad it touched you and thank-you for taking the time to tell me. I wish you and your daughter the best.


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