Friday, October 28, 2011

Could It Be?

I don’t think I’ll ever write anything I like again
I used to think I might be able to write…a little, now and then
Something sensible or humorous or practical or wise
But now I am beginning to realize
Where words once taunted and laughed out loud
There is thick, wooly cotton
And thunderclouds
And silence presses on my head
Like a heavy rock
Could it be?
I utter with dread,
Could it be writer’s block?


  1. You with writer's block, Janet! I don't believe it. (I know, try putting on your gold-colored glasses. I'm sure there will be another poem just beyond the lens.)

  2. Hi Violet:) Thank-you for the chuckle...and don't think I haven't tried putting on those glasses!wink, wink...I do not deal well with writer's block...even though I don't like to call it that. I call it more like relying on myself when I should just let it go, stop trying so hard and give it all up to He who gives, then to Him be all the glory,right?


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