Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holding You

Can I explain the rush of oceans
In the quiet midnight dark
Or the vexation of emotions
In the solace of a spark?
Are there words made to satisfy them,
Those who do not understand
How both desire and fulfillment
Join together, hand in hand?

Can I explain the whisper of you
In the middle of a prayer?
…the switchblade agony of comfort
In the words, ‘someday, somewhere’
How does one tell in common language
Of your sigh against my ear
When deepened skies are large and empty
But for whispers of a tear?

I would prefer to miss you, darling
There is beauty in this grief
Than to hold you in an evening
Where a leaf is just a leaf
My life would be a bleak existence
Walking as the living dead
If poetry were sealed on pages
Or mere words inside my head



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