Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where Do You Write?

I write here, with you
Surrounded by memories
And work to do
As Task kicks me in the shin
I pick up my love of you and grin
For, though I admit there is a measure
Of satisfaction in work, my great pleasure
Is derived from books of passion stirred
By thought and want and written word
And the sound of your smile against my ear
And the touch of your thought in the atmosphere
And the warmth of your fingers as they softly push
The weariness from life’s lucrative brush
Whilst love and joy and longing spill
Upon the page of muse's will
And all I really want to do
Is tell you that I think of you
And wish to touch your life today
In some soft, warm, tangent way
Where miles are nothing more than air
And worry nothing more than prayer
And so I write with you in mind
Because, after all is done I find
It is the joy of loving you
That puts purpose in all I do
And meeting on this little page
Will simply, kindly set the stage
For that sweet day when we can stand
Face to face, as I shake your hand
And say, thank-you, thank-you for the kind delight
Of knowing you through the words we write

Janet Martin

Today Tracy Krauss asks, Where do you write?

Link I inserted did not work;

Mostly I write here, staring out of those windows and seeing what is, what was, or what could be....
...and now I AM going to can those pears:)

Thank-you for stopping by...this was written for you:)


  1. You really know how to answer a question. As I try to understand the ways of poems, I look at "Where do you Write," and wonder what there is about it that pulls one in and shepherds them along. It's like riding down a narrow river in a canoe. There are deep, slow sections of great tranquility and beauty, followed by the speed and fun of rapids. What joy there must be, controlling a river’s flow.

  2. Mike, thank-you for articulating so accurately the 'feeling' I had as I wrote this!
    You are a true artist!
    When I read her question, these words surged through me like an unexpected wave...your words bring the picture to the poem!


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