Monday, September 19, 2011


You slip over me
With the ease of autumn
Overtaking summer
In a new shade of sorrow
I do not know
From where you came
Or when
Until I hear you whispering
My name
From the corner of the room
Or is it my soul?
You move through me
In full control
Of longing and regret
My eyes searching
The out-line of
Thought-shaded silhouettes
They do not find you
The window yielding nothing
But raindrop tears
Trickling into oblivion
Or is it the reflection
Of my face?

Janet Martin


  1. A lovely, nostalgic write.

    You slip over me
    With the ease of autumn

    Though there is much I love about the season, I so know the feeling your poem speaks of. And those final lines really get to me - whether it's raindrops blurring the window, or my tears. The latter not said, but understood, and to great effect. Well done!

  2. Thank-you Ruth. Autumn is an intensely bittersweet season for me!

  3. i also find autumn moving.
    i like this poem a lot, especially the ease with which you open. slip followed by ease in the next line picks up the s sound.

  4. Thank-you Ed, That opening line was stuck in my head, and I knew it would not leave until I set it free.

  5. Poetry is an oral form, made to be spoken aloud. Why do I keep trying to read this over and over when it takes my breath away?

  6. Mike, There are poems which must be written to purge our souls...this is one of those:) and yes, I used the words 'tears' which apparently is considered taboo by the experts, but I don't care! Tears is the deepest form of expression for every emotion we feel intensely, whether love or joy or sorrow or longing. Victory and defeat are spoken in one universal language...tears. The other universal language is a smile and this one is for you:)


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