Monday, September 19, 2011


I try to edge away from you
But I cannot
You overtake me with the lure
Of rousing thought
Though I push against your lips
I cannot still
Your sigh warming my fingertips
Against my will
I feel the aching of you clench
Unwritten word
It is no use; I cannot quench
Fair Muse when stirred



  1. The Songbird must sing....
    When ever a thought stirs you deep inside or so much as ruffles you gently , you've got to give it a chase to drive the disturbance away.
    Yours is a cool and placid lake...
    All sorts of people may be playing all sorts of games, but this one game is a constant challenge before you and you are addicted to it!!
    And in these passing days and moments,appears to me , i am addicted to your muse!
    The other day i was telling my daughter "what if all this were to disappear of a sudden" ..... i want to have access to it for a long long time , for as long as i want .
    Cheers and faith. And Janet Thanks for bearing and ... sharing the agony .... twice lived it must become for you:(

  2. Your words bring me to that universal language; tears:) Love's deepest utterance.

    It is a passion, an addiction, a beautiful torment, and maybe a commission? I keep saying, God, as long as the words come I want to be an instrument'. If they stop I need to accept it as His will or ask myself who I am trying to impress:)

    Hugs and blessings returned to you, dear Grace. By the way, my mom's name is Grace! Such a beautiful name.


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