Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Impeccant Infernal

When I look into your eyes
There is a soundless percussion
As longing and fulfillment meet

Like lightning bolt from placid skies
Scalping guarded desire in bold seduction
Scattering noble ideals at my feet

As glowing embers surge to hungry flame
And common noise recedes to gray-white ash
Beneath the wanting of your gaze

My lips form the out-line of your name
And thunder rolls and dark eyes flash
Within the ravages of true love’s blaze

When I look into your eyes I believe
In the merits of a tender kiss
Wearing nothing but the rain

When I look into your eyes I perceive
That I know nothing at all-but this
I shall never be the same again

Janet Martin~

I wrote the last stanza first,
then the first stanza…thinking about looking into the eyes of a baby,
Then the poem did a complete 360, and it turned out to be for a spouse. Inspired by:


  1. Two for the price of one! This piece is so different from the one above, more hard hitting but with a passionate undertone. Fab! Thanks so much for supporting Carry on Tuesday

  2. The first of three "When I look into your eyes" poems," and the best. The rhyme scheme adds extra interest, but it's the power of your words that drives it home.

  3. Yes, I like this one the best too. The other two were thoughts I wanted to express, but this one drew the passion from my soul.


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