Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Poetry?

Why poetry?
One may ask
…ah, but do you not see
Nothing in the world can make us feel
Like the language of poetry

It weaves bland words into a charm
Emotion, raw, unfurled
Leaves us trembling, aching, warm
The best hurt in the world

Why poetry?
Well, I can only speak for me
But there is nothing
On the face of this earth
Quite like poetry


'Look!' said Victoria in amazement (a few days ago)
'I found a bunch of books where you wrote poems!'

'A-h-h-h, yes' I replied, 'the days before computer...'

'I wish you still did it like this' Victoria said
and all I could say was 'me too' as I lifted the book
to inhale the scent of 'real poetry'... pages and ink...and memories...


  1. I love that your daughter appreciates your notebooks of hand written poetry... Around here we still read 'real' books too...

  2. Technology will never replace the 'real' stuff. I love books and we own a ton of them!


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