Monday, August 1, 2011


The impact of failure slips its noose ‘round my neck…
Though with selfish argument I weakly object
Surely I must bear my well-deserved fate
I stare at the clock on the wall…and wait

Condemnation shrieks and justice demands
It tears at my weakness and clutches my hands
Demons of darkest contempt and despair
Sneer as they spit in my face, on my hair

Ah, well I should flounder in this wretched hole
Count all my miseries with naught to console
I, above all deserve to be cursed
With a noose ‘round my neck and my face in the dirt

But then, through the torment, the taunting and doom
I feel a Presence dispersing the gloom
As demons tremble, slinking into the night
Hope floods the darkness and fills it with light

With tender whispers and loving commands
With healing fingers and nail-scarred hands
He removes the noose in a tender embrace
And gentle reminders of His unfailing grace

Forgiveness and healing and unending love
Course deep within me from somewhere above
Promises of Him brush away my defeat
Shadows grow dim; His mercy is sweet

Oh, what manner of love can this be?
That God up above should love even me
…the weight of my failure grows soft ‘neath His touch
As I remember…He loves me so much


Job 18

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