Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Wind Stirred a Little and Then...

I promise I won’t look at the clock, if you don’t
In our own way we’ll make time stop for a moment
It’s kind of crazy I know, but let’s try it
I like it here with you, peaceful and quiet

You see, I’m partial to willow-tree hymns
And the sound of the night-time as its softer tone dims
I like how it feels with your arm close to mine
I’d rather ignore this little thing called time

Let’s be spectator of the night’s disregard
As it creeps across garden and woodland and yard
There is a solace in its rare shade of blue
Where the earth is a palace when I’m here with you

The murmur of time simply cannot be heard
With your hand in mine; no don't say a word
I can hear what you're saying by the look in your eyes
While a banjo is playing across the night skies

The shambled remains of our soon yesterday
Recedes into history on tresses of gray
The world reclines 'neath a blanket of mist
Worry and time no longer exist

Dark branches leaning into the night sky
Strike a match somewhere within you and I
The air ceases motion, holding its breath
As night like an ocean, covers the earth

Minutes may labor across the still hour
Eyes touch; a tangle of impulse and power
Heaven seems closer tonight on this hill
With you here beside me as time stands still


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