Friday, June 10, 2011

Moody Blue Sonnet

A sonnet tinged with moody blue
Falls from the midnight sky
Longing spreads its silky dew
Into the cool wind’s sigh

Loneliness expands the hush
Tearing the night apart
I cringe beneath is probing brush
Reaching for my heart

An empathetic melody
Abrasive and intruding
Lures me with its agony
A sweet and bitter brooding

It touches me, then sparks away
A cadence of desire
Painting the silent night of gray
With a molten fire

A sonnet tinged with moody blue
Twists its tune around me
Darling, it’s a song of you
And somehow it has found me


This lucky air wave could pass at any moment!!!
Still no internet to speak of:(

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