Friday, June 10, 2011


He gives us the laughter of children
To sweeten the toil of our day
He gives us the softness of evening
To soothe our cares away
He gives us warm shoulders to lean on
Should we need to rest for a while
And He gives us little babies
To make children and old men smile

He gives us sunshine and shadows
He paints the blue sky and gray
He gives us mountains and meadows
And sleep at the end of a day
He gives the moon for a candle
When the whisper of daylight grows dim
And He gives us just enough trouble
To keep us leaning on Him

He gives us the hill and the valley
The storm shrieking down from above
He knits them all together
By the threads of His wonderful love
How empty would be our boasting
How shallow our faith and dim
If He did not give us life’s trouble
To keep us leaning on Him

If we had the fruit of our wishes
How foolish our wanting would be
Never a weeping horizon
And never a storm-tossed sea
And never an earnest pleading
On our knees as the light grows dim
Never a reason for needing
To keep on leaning on Him


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