Sunday, May 1, 2011


He reassures her that
In spite of all that has changed
Nothing has really changed.
The elements
Have not been rearranged
He still needs to be needed
Loves to be loved
Wants to be wanted
And the stars above
Are the self-same stars
Whether here or there
Whether near or far...
Prayer is still prayer
And a mile is a line
Sketched across earthy plot
It never defines
Perimeters of thought
It cannot measure
An ocean of longing
Or map out the pleasure
Of quietly knowing
Mirrors don't reveal
What lies within
Or the whisper that steals
Across his skin
He reassures her that for all the change
What's really important remains the same
Distance cannot bar her fingertips
Or the whisper of her upon his lips


1 comment:

  1. isn't that the truth
    when people are truly connected in their hearts and spirits nothing really changed except the world around them and perhaps their appearance. Even for them the time is different from that of the worlds.

    beautiful write, Janet!


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