Monday, May 9, 2011

This Moment I Am In

I must pause and drink it all in
For it will never pass by again
I must absorb the dust and dew
Gaze at the starlit avenue
Where awe and mystery unruffled lie
Cloaked in the supremacy of the sky
I must embrace the thought of you
Before it slips into the blue
And I must touch the quietness
With a reverent caress
Absorb its pleasure and its pain
For it will not pass by again
This moment, this moment I am in
I may take with me the thought of you
The sight of stars, the scent of dew
I may look to starry seas
And wonder at its mysteries
I may touch subsequent hours
Fill my hands then with its flowers
And find a new and sweet delight
In moments far beyond tonight
But I will never live again
This moment, this moment I am in
‘Tis a swift and fleeting thing
This moment, this moment I am in


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