Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pondering You

I hold you between my fingers
Unwilling to let go
Letting the essence of you linger
In the twilight’s afterglow

Clasping the thought of you closely
Like a book that has become a friend
Walking through its final chapters slowly
Because I don’t want it to end

People are not images we sketch
Then brush from life’s slate casually
The threads of love are woven and stretched
Until you have become a part of me

You may slip beyond my shadow
But I know that you’re still there
Like the field outside my window
Hidden in the dark night air

The tenure of your voice surrounds me
Whisper-soft like silky strands
Laced through my heart; around me
Warm like sun upon the sands

The past is past; never to return
Nor can it entirely disappear
It is the dance from which we learn
The aching glimmer in our tear

The tattered bits of who we were
Are not carried on the wind
Or swept away in time’s swift river
They remain, somewhere within

Though you may walk into the mist
Without a second backward glance
I will never be un-kissed
And my heart has learned to dance



  1. beautiful!
    love the flow

    hope you have a wonderful day, Janet!

  2. Thank-you, Hope.
    I wish the same for you...we are still WET!!!


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