Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Must Go

I must go
The hills have shed their robe of snow
Beneath the sun’s resplendent glow
And all the children are asleep
The willows whisper as they weep
And tell me it is late, you know
So I must go
Oh, I must go

I must go
Too soon the little night is gone
Too soon the ticking clock strikes one
As minutes like the white-washed sand
Trickle through night’s quiet hand
Your blue eyes beg me to stay on
But I must go
Oh, I must go

I must go
Across dark fields the breezes blow
I see you in its half-moon glow
And though time trickles like the sand
I cannot quite release your hand
It comforts me a bit, you know
But I must go
Oh, I must go

I must go
The valley may seem harsh and cold
Beyond it lies a street of gold
And all must tread this broken sod
On a stairway up to God
There His beauty we'll behold
I must go
Oh, I must go


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