Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Choose You

Some things never change
I still like the rain
Like its soft refrain
And the color blue
Life is a big buffet
Choices; choices every day
But some things never change
And I choose you

Some choose what they will wear
Or how to dye their hair
Well, I don’t really care
What they do
Life can be sweet and strange
Most things are bound to change
But hearts can’t be re-arranged
And I choose you

What to take and what to leave
What to hate; what to believe
What to cherish, what to grieve
What can I do?
Stuff is simply stuff
Money will never be enough
So when it comes to love
I choose you...



  1. Sweet choice and one that springs from contentment and from appreciating the value and worth of what we have in our lives!
    May it come easy to all!


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