Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wild and Careless

Wild and careless no longer appeals
Life is a gift, priceless and real
The foolish tragedies of our youth
Lead us tenderly to life’s deeper Truth

One day it seems we open our eyes
And suddenly we realize
The value of this gift bestowed from above
By a Hand of goodness, mercy and love

We no longer covet the plunder of earth
For our eyes have been opened to far greater Worth
One small blink of time before we shall be
Transported to our eternal destiny

If God should reach down from Heaven today
And tap you on the shoulder, what would you say?
Have your eyes been opened; have you bowed your knee?
Or have you chosen to live wild and carelessly?



  1. Good questions! for one thing

    If God tapped me on the shoulder today
    I would probably faint dead away!

    such a thought provoking, conversation stirring post!

    beautiful thoughts that flow like a calm stream

    thank you Janet

  2. Hope, if God tapped me on the shoulder, yeah i would faint too:)


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