Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unstoppable You

No whisper from the sleepy willow
No star-strewn lullaby
No music from the darkened billow
Lingering in the sky
No fragment of a pale moon gleaming
As midnight turns to one
No mercy for my wistful dreaming
As one more day is gone

No darkness deep enough to quell
The longing in your eyes
No silence loud enough to still
The echo of your sighs
No power strong enough to clench
The moment as it slips
No hour long enough to quench
The wanting on my lips

No mile too far for thought to span
Nor sea too deep or wide
No moment too brief to contain
Your heartbeat at my side
Darling, no night is dark enough
To steal your lovely face
And in this tenderness of love
I sleep in your embrace


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