Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Price of Loving You

I hadn’t counted on spending the night with you
You sneak up on me when I least expect you to
What is it about you, I simply cannot say no
And my dear if you asked me I’d beg you not to go
That’s the thing about memories, you know

If you asked for a reason I’m not sure what I would say
It seems the season for memories does not pass away
But I’m not complaining for then how would I still touch you?
It’s funny, I know, the things that a memory can do
In the silence between midnight and two

If I didn’t need you I would not remember a thing
But oh, it’s amazing, the storm that a memory can bring
The ties that bind time alone cannot undo
I’m glad you’re mine in a memory or two
The pleasure and pain in the price of loving you


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