Monday, April 4, 2011

Perfect Day

I had to look deeper
For the allure of the day
First all I noticed
Was the wash of bleak gray
Hovering above a frigid expanse
Of longing;
But then at second glance
I caught the dawning
Of daylight on the tiny pond
Mirroring the excellence
Of the great beyond
And I looked up
As brilliant gold
Spilled from the dark
And vulgar hold
That held the brush
Of pewter gray
And in the hush
Of ‘almost day’
I knew with out
The faintest doubt
No matter if
The storm clouds shout
And sweep across earths
Somber soul
A perfect Hand
Is in control


It is a moody morning…..
The sun broke through for a moment
Before the clouds prevailed
…..And now it is raining

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