Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Of What I Have Learned

I have learned but a little
Yet this I know
Never hold on too tightly
For we must let go
And never decide
That you will cling
With all your might
To an earthly thing
For things are temporal
And will slip away
I’ve learned there is potential
For joy in each day
I've learned that wisdom
Is not found in books
And too often we judge
On the basis of looks
And I have learned
That true beauty lies
Where it cannot be spurned
With naked eyes
That forbidden pleasure
Lasts but a moment
And the flip-side of its measure
Is a silent torment
That there is no tear shed
Which will not dry
And not all tears are bled
From out of the eye
I have learned that
Sometimes we weep
In our heart of hearts
When the hurt is deep
That a broken heart hurts
But we will not die
And it is a gift of worth
To be able to cry
I’ve learned that for man
We can never do enough
If we serve the hand
That is not tempered by love
I’ve learned to love
But not to own
And two are better
Than being alone
I’ve learned just a little
In life's ebb and flow
And I’m somewhere in the middle
Of what I ought to know
I have learned
That I can cope
If God is my
True living Hope


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