Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of Moments

Moments come between us like the darkness steals the day
But there are things that moments simply cannot steal away
The tangent warmth of your soft touch may cool upon my skin
But moments cannot steal the love that smolders deep within

Moments change the outlines or the backdrops of a scene
They steal away life’s tender youth and springtime’s verdant sheen
But moments cannot steal the smile that lingers in my sigh
Nor can they dull the azure mile reflected in your eye

I save little moments to relive with you again
For moments cannot touch the vault of treasure stored within
In this reticent heaven I am utterly complete
Savoring the torment of a moment bitter-sweet

Moments come between us pushing hours into years
They do not lie within us as we weep life’s smiles and tears
Moments are not masters of the loves we softly hold
But simply the refiners turning bronze to purest gold


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