Friday, April 1, 2011

Maybe you Thought.....

Maybe you thought I didn’t notice
The way you touched me
Without touching me at all
Maybe you thought
I didn’t see
The moody shadow fall
Across your eyes
Color of warm summer skies…..

Maybe you thought I didn’t answer
The way you thought I should
Or could have done
Maybe I was too busy
Admiring your silhouette
Against the evening sun
And I was swept away
And forgot what I was going to say…….

Maybe you thought I’ve been a little distant
And you thought it might be
Something that you did or said
While the truth is, for an instant
I got caught up in a memory
Of a dance we almost had
When we were young
Maybe you thought I was sad
But maybe….
You thought wrong


Daddy: Kids, what’s wrong with your mother?
Kids: Nothing. She’s happy quietly!

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