Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost Perfect~

It would have been a perfect day
Love warmed the garden dull and gray
Joy sang from dark-limbed silhouettes
Where hope spawned buds of ruby red
The sun was warm upon my face
Before it melted in the west
In pools of rapture, glory-sent
I sigh; I am almost content

A lone bird wings its way to rest
The moon hangs low on heavens crest...
...above the silent after-math
As this day wanders down the path
Where all its predecessors lie
Somewhere beneath a phantom sky
Yes, it was almost perfect, dear
My happiness shines in a tear

In folds of blue and gold and rose
Another day draws to a close
As on the still and trembling air
I reach to touch you in a prayer
For all the blue and all the gold
Cannot give me you to hold
Almost perfect; yes, it’s true
Almost perfect, but for you



  1. love this!

    it reminds me of a poem i wrote called, Prayer, in which I'll be posting on 'P' day. only it's the sunrise i'm referring too!

    beautiful write!


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