Saturday, April 9, 2011

All I Know

I can’t turn water into wine
Sometimes I wish I could
Clouds don’t turn into sunshine
Just because I wish they would

I don’t think wrinkles are a sin
And I make no apologies
I’ve earned the skin that I am in
Worth is not defined by these

I don’t know what the future holds
But we get older every day
As minutes and hours unfold
It sweeps the glow of youth away

I don’t know what I will face
As the years dissolve like snow
All I really know is this
Love is ageless and I love you so

True love, they say is like fine wine
Growing better year by year
You could be no love of mine
If with age love would disappear

I don’t know if we’ll survive
Darling, all I really know
Is every day that I’m alive
I’ll do my best to love you so


Jim just told me he wishes someone would have prepared him for this ‘getting older’ thing and that he is not impressed.
I told him I don’t think anyone can prepare us even if they would want to.
To each one of us it is our own personal journey


  1. such deep messages in your poems. it is a personal journey, you are right. and we are blessed to experience it. after all experience is why we are here

    take care my friend!

    oh and wine does get better as it ages but it also gets old if left too long in the bottle. :) yup...even wine get old.

  2. Words of wisdom, well said:) Thank-you.


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