Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tell Me Again......

I know you’ve told me before
But I need to hear it again
The darkness wails at my door
Begging to come in
Tell me what comes after
The cold and bitter chill
Tell me when the laughter
Will come trickling down the hill
Tell me when the frigid arm
With cold and dazzling cuff
Will yield to nature’s fairer charm
And blue eyes from above
Tell me. If we wait it out
And brace against the wind
Will there be, without a doubt
A warmer breeze and kind?
And will the blossom grace the limb
Now stark and brown and bare
And will she slowly come to him
Will he just stop and stare?
Then will he melt beneath her gaze
As she spreads wide her dress
Will he, beneath her subtle ways
Succumb to her caress
Then will the darkness end at last
Or will we wait in vain
After winter’s heartless blast
Will it be spring again?
Tell me what comes after
The dark storm-clouds above
Tell me, is it laughter?
Tell me, is it love?


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