Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Come my love, the shadows lengthen
Day is sinking low
The sky above is deepening
In whispers on the snow
And we must haste
We cannot waste
The remnant of its measure
The dark land lies
Beneath the skies
A low and muted pleasure

Come my love, there is no moon
The heart’s a lonely hunter
The echo of its mournful tune
Drifts low in meadows yonder
And I must taste
This pleading waste
With you I’ll roam its splendor
The night unfurls
In dark blue swirls
Your lips are warm and tender

Come my love, too soon the light
Of dawn breathes on our shoulder
Fading out the slumbering night
As we are one day older
The wind exhales
The dark night pales
Like ink upon the river
Our eyes touch
It is too much
The barren tree-tops quiver


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