Sunday, January 16, 2011

There Will Be.....

As long as the moon in its longsuffering gaze
Melts across snow-laden fields
As long as the sun sets the earth a-blaze
As daylight to evening yields
As long as the river runs into the sea
And the wanderer sits on its shore
Humming its wild, tumbling melody
Returning to days of yore
As long as the groom still kisses the bride
And kindred and comrade cheer
And daddies and daughters stroll side by side
As long as the cloud weeps a tear
And the blue wind moans a lonesome tune
Beneath a star-strewn sky
As long as there is a day in June
Or a warm, deep night in July
As long as the ivy creeps over the wall
And the rose creeps out of its shell
As long the shadow casts its shawl
Across the wooded dell
As long as your hand fits snug into mine
Ah, surely then there will be
Music and laughter and sweet sunshine
And endless poetry


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