Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Purpose of Memories.....

God uses our memories to shape who we are
And what we will thence become
We remember when we were a lad or wee gal
We remember a childhood at home…….
We remember our youth with its pleasure and fear
We remember our victories and woe
Ah yes….we remember with a smile and a tear
Tender lessons life has to bestow

God uses our memories to teach and to guide
As we learn what and what not to do
As we recall tears that we bitterly cried
When the reaping was finally due
We remember life’s sorrow when joy was dim
And the comforting touch of His hand
As we bowed our knee and yielded to Him
Even though we did not understand

God uses our memories so we will not forget
The battles, the victories and loss
He uses the memories of harsh regret
To remind us of grace at the cross
God uses our memories to bring close to us
The presence of loved ones afar
God lets us keep our memories because
They make us who we are


The New Year seems to evoke ‘looking back’……

My kids, from Emily to Victoria LOVE
‘Adventures in Odyssey’!!!!

One of those stories inspired this poem……

I believe ‘odyssey’ is to my kids
what Uncle Arthur was to my family
when I was a kid………

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