Thursday, December 9, 2010


I stepped back….he knew it wasn’t cool to cry
And tomorrow he’d go to school with every boy’s envy
A black eye…….
I wanted to hold him like I used to do
And just let him cry if wanted to
But twelve years old and surrounded by ten of the same
Means mother’s words must hold him…… or at least until we’re home

I gazed at him…….my little boy-man
And without premonition a slide-show began
Playing in my mind…….
Hey mom, look at me, hey mom, watch this
Mom, tuck me in, don’t forget my kiss
Grubby little hugs and chubby little hands
Looking for bugs and tasting the sand
Growing bigger, but not to big to hold
Trying to do the things he’s been told
Though boys will be boys and sometimes they forget………
And after all, they are not men yet
So when did we begin to stand eye to eye?
Oh we all know that big boys and mothers don’t cry……
At least not in PUBLIC……
Oh God, only You can
See how much I love this little man
Please don’t let him see this tear in my eye
‘cause we know that mothers and big boys don’t cry………….


Yesterday as we waited for the doctor to look at Matt's
eye, after a little mis-hap at school
suddenly I fought back tears........
as I recalled a little guy of yester-years:):)

Matt is fine and sporting a very black eye!!!
He keeps asking me how long I think it will last:):)

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