Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poet's Delight.....

This could be one of those nights
I cannot put my finger on it quite
But I hear music in spite of the chill
As the north wind howls over highway and hill
This I must say is a most pleasant delight
And it could just be one of those nights

It could be one of those nights for me
Where thought recites in poetry
And every sigh comes out in rhyme
And every wish is lost in time
Because the torment of a word
Has left my heart and passion stirred


1 comment:

  1. Words can torment me too :)
    I really love reading your poetry...
    its very late and i need to sleep... i have work to do early morn :)
    But i sure will come back and read .
    I know i will miss your poetry.. but this time i have to get up and go.

    You are very good in my opinion. And i have loved poetry for a very long time now!

    Keep at it for you do others good. Hope you do yourself even better!!!


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