Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Commonplace Book

These were no ordinary events which she wrote there
Like notes of a harpsichord, faint and dear
Written on parchment where only she can look
At the love-stained pages in her commonplace book

For the most uncommon of things she preserved in clear ink
A rare shade of blue, the unfathomable brink
Of discovery on the edge of a long-lost brook
Painted vividly in her commonplace book

Words, spoken only once but forever remembered
Sigh of a loved one, these she surrendered
To pages where only she ever cares to look
At moments deemed noteworthy for her commonplace book

Here she writes in its truest form
Poetry; void of disguise or charm
Rendering them shamelessly where none can look
But God; at the poems in her commonplace book

Here she recalls the shades of good-bye
The music of love, the tear in her eye
Preserved eternally in a silent nook
Cherished forever in her commonplace book


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