Monday, November 1, 2010

Will You Marry Me?

Darling, I’ve got a question
I’d like to ask of you
It’s not just any question
So ‘ordinary’ will not do
And darling, what I’m asking
Must be answered carefully
‘Cause you’re answer is forever………
Will you marry me?

It’s not just a diamond
I’m placing on your hand
If you say yes, oh darling
You need to understand
That you will be the shining crown
Of all my happiness
There’ll never be another one
For me, if you say yes…………….

If you say yes I’ll do my best
To give you a great life
Oh darling, can you tell me now
Will you be my wife?
Will you let me be the one
To love you faithfully?
Darling, tell me if you can
Will you marry me?

Darling I’ve got a question
I need to ask of you
Will you let me love you
Each day, your whole life through?
Oh darling, by the grace of God
I’ll be all I can be
And I’ll love you forever
Will you marry me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Our neighbor proposed
to his girl-friend
on the week-end!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Rob and Denise!

Hi Rob........I couldn't resist..........
This was very, very......nice:)

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