Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ode to the Seashore......

Farewell, sweet sun-drenched afternoon
Farewell to seagulls cry
Farewell to oceans far-flung tune
And turquoise lullaby
Farewell to winds that sweep the shore
Farewell, blue-dimpled breeze
Farewell, farewell blue troubadour
Strumming at my knees

Farewell to heavens warmest kiss
Farewell, soft azure eyes
Farewell coconut-scented bliss
And pomegranate sighs
Farewell to barefoot avenues
And flip-flop rainbows too
Farewell to bronze, yellows and blues
Oh, seashore I miss you


This afternoon it was so warm on the deck
I closed my eyes and visualized another setting……..

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