Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Little Things.......

It’s the little drops of water
That fills the ocean wide
And little blades of grass and blooms
That decks the countryside
It’s all the little grains of sand
That makes a sandy beach
And little breaths make memories
Soon beyond our reach
Oh yes, in life the little things
Are the big things, it’s true
So there really are no little things
In anything we do………..

It’s the little unkind, thoughtless word
That breaks a tender heart
It’s little selfish acts incurred
That tears true love apart
It’s all the little ‘I love you’s’
Each pleasant little smile
That brings the joy to all we do
In each little mundane mile
Oh yes, in life the little things
Are really not that small
For somehow in the little things
We learn to stand up tall

The little acts of disrespect
Without small reprimand
With just a little more neglect
Will someday be a man
When a little kind, gentle reproof
A little patience too
May be the difference and the proof
When a childhood is through
Oh, yes in life the little things
Become oceans and men
And little things wrought in the ‘now’
Will soon live in the ‘then’

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

TCM was playing Annie, Get Your Gun, which I was
watching/listening to while fall-cleaning
the family room.....when a 'little' remark
started a big train of thought:):)

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